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Getting into the Swing of Things

After Radiation finished in early September 1986, I settled into a routine of chemo, check-ups, and various tests. Life for me became kind of cyclical with swings up and down on how I felt. This was a routine that took some adjusting to get used to- especially when prior to cancer, I never had ups and downs all in the same month. But the fall of 1986 strengthened my coping skills and made me accept the fact that everyone had a downturn emotionally- as a cancer patient, I just had deeper dives that were harder to climb out of.
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Chemo vs. Radiation Round 1

Doctors throw a lot of information at you when you’re first diagnosed with any illness. So I found that while I’d hear a lot of information in the office, I’d have to process it along with the information booklets and leaflets I’d been handed- at a later time. Usually when sipping a cold soda on the back deck. Or up in my room while listening to music.
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